How to Know the Reason of Non-Inclusion of Name in Complete Draft?

The NRC is being updated under the orders of the Supreme Court of India to identify illegal foreigners residing in Assam. Total 3.29 crore people have applied to become a part of the NRC. However, after the publication of the complete draft on July 30, 2018, 2.89 crore out of 3.29 crore citizens found eligible to be included in the NRC. So more than 40 lakh applicants name was not in the draft list. But you no need worry (you will not be treated as a foreigner) if you don’t find your name in the complete draft, because you will be given an opportunity to prove eligibility for inclusion in the final NRC. You have the legal right to apply again by filing claim.

NRC Assam draft

Required Documents to Claim for Inclusion in NRC

As per reason of non-inclusion, the claim can be submitted with additional documents or with the same documents as submitted earlier. There is a list of admissible documents in case someone’s name is not found in the Legacy Data; then the applicant may also produce any of the documents listed below claiming inclusion in NRC.

The list of documents admissible for inclusion in NRC

documents NRC
The documents placed below are only supporting documents

documents NRC

How to Know the Reason of Non-Inclusion in Complete Draft List?

From August 10 onwards, You will be able to know the reason behind the non-inclusion of a name in the NRC. You can visit the NRC Seva Kendras to get the information from the local registrar. If you want to know the reason for non-inclusion, you will need to submit an application to LRCR at the designated NSK asking for the reason for non-inclusion of the name in the complete draft. There is no online provision to find the reason of non-inclusion or filling up a NRC claim form.

NRC Claim Important Note

  • NRC Claims form will be available (Online/ Offline) from 20th August 2018.
  • The process for filling up claim form will begin on September 25 and continue till November 23, 2018.
  • Claims can only be submitted at the NRC Seva Kendra where the Claimant had earlier submitted the Application Form.
  • Even if an applicant has changed the address after submission of Application Form, Claim can be submitted only at the NSK where the NRC Application was submitted originally.
  • Only those applicants who submitted NRC Assam application Form until 31 August 2015 can submit Claims.
  • Claim is required to be submitted to the Local Registrar of Citizen Registration (LRCR) at the NSK.


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