NRC Family Tree Verification Form, What is Letter of Information (LoI)?

What is NRC Assam Family Tree Verification (Bangsha Brikha Pariksha)? computerized family tree, manual NRC family tree: Family Tree verification of NRC (National Register of Citizenship) is the system by which all the Legacy data are examined to be genuinely submitted by the applicants.


Family tree verification process to be started from 15 February 2018 at all 2500 NRC Seva Kendra (NSKs) in the state which will cover about 48 lakh applicants.

What is Computerized Family Tree?

It is a software designed to check & verify all applications from the applicants. This will generate a computerized family tree records. The computerized family tree has all records of submitted data i.e. the details of all persons who have claimed to be children/grandchildren of the same legacy person against any legacy data code.

What are Manual Family Tree Details?

A prescribed format of family tree verification form shall be collected forehand by visiting the house to house visit. This is a simple form containing names of the ancestor, namely grandfather, grandmother, grandson, etc.

nrc family tree verification form

  Sample Form

This is called Manual Family Tree Details.

How will compare both?

Both the computerized Family Tree and Manual Family shall be hall be matched to identify false claim from NRC name registration. If the software has the records of received documents 6 brothers again the manual family tree claim to have only 5 brothers, there is a mismatch. Then the verification team (VT) would be able to detect the false claim to be in NRC. By this system, all the Legacy data submitted by the applicants for inclusion name in NRC will be cross verified and matched with the Manual Family Tree verification form data.

Also, remember that data mismatch means doesn’t indicate that all the members of that family are false. For that, your family may be called for proceeding at the NSK to explain the concerns.

Why You Should Submit Family Tree Details:

Submitting Family tree details will help Assam to make an error-free NRC, by which government can identify the false linking calm to unused legacy data code and even yours if you are not aware of. Please don’t hesitate to submit NRC Family Tree Manual form details, if asked/requested by NRC officials.

In the published Part Draft NRC recently, NRC co-ordinator Prateek Hajela said that there are many suspected and false linking documents have been received from a huge number of persons. This is why it is very important to cross verify of such documents. Not every person will have to submit the manual family tree form. If required, then NRC officials will go to the house to give the forms and called for a preceding to explain why the errors had happened. ANd try to make them correct. If found eligible will be included in the NRC.


Your submission of Family Tree Details would –

(1) Verification Team would be able to Identify a false claim:

If a person claims a false claim to entry into Complete NRC using anyone legacy data who is not a resident before midnight of 24 March 1971.

(2) Protect misuse of precious legacy data of any legal person:

If you submit the manual family form details, then no illegal person will get a chance to use your legacy code without unknown. The cross-checking using the software data and the manual form details would help to find out any unscrupulous elements who try to use your precious legacy and enter NRC.

(3) A valuable information on linkage for family members to provide evidence with their claim later.

Submitting the family tree verification form to the authorities will lessen your effort to prove linkage of any family members later during the field verification to verification team (VT).

Is it mandatory to fill up the Manual Family Tree Form?

No. It is not mandatory for the public to keep the Manual Family Tree Form filled-up

Under Rule 8 of The Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and Issue of National
Identity Cards) Rules, 2003, the authorities have the permission to ask any person to furnish any information within his knowledge in connection with the decision on the Citizenship Status of any person. So, if officials ask for any documents provide them.

What to do if a family does not know in detail the names and
addresses of all members of the family tree?

Don’t worry if you forgot all the names of your family members. In that case, give the details of the known members only. If you forget the names of the second generation, then use only nicknames, if nicknames are also not known, then use the number of children and grandchildren.

How to fill up Manual Family Tree Form :

The verification team might give you the Family tree form, simply put the name details required by the form. If anything further details required, authorities will inform you.

Alternatively, you can get the form and read official instructions about how to fill up form in different languages using this url-

Important Points To Be Remember:

  1. All known Legacy Data Codes against the legacy person shall be mentioned in the Manual
    Family Tree Form to ensure that the alternate LDC are not misused by anyone.
  2. If you received Family Tree Verification form, it doesn’t mean that you are illegal.
  3. Names of married daughters of the family also to be provided.
  4. The Manual Family Tree Form can be filled up in Assamese/Bengali/Bodo/ English.
  5. Family Tree details once submitted to verification officials can’t be altered or withdrawn.

What is Letter of Information (LOI)? Find Verification Proceedings Center

Letter of information (LOI) of NRC s a call letter to explain your self why the data mismatch in the manually submitted family tree details like name, title, and the number of family members. Kindly note some unfair persons may have used your legacy data, due to this reason also you may get your LOI. If you got your LOI, please go to correct them.

Check Online: Letter of Information for Family Tree Hearing

Update: Verification date was changed from 15 to 17 February 2018. It will be continued for 40 days.

The Number of LOI is being sent about 47 Lakh applicants.

To Whom Letter of Information is being Sent?

The letter of information is not being sent to a random person. It is being sent whose has mismatch and errors in the previously submitted manual family tree form.NRC official will give hand to hand a letter of information (LOI) having time, date location and a reason for errors. You need to carry necessary proof id card and proof of address documents to verify your self-getting the LOI.

nrc letter of information (LOI)

How to Locate your Family Tree Verification Center?

Check Your Family Tree Verification Center

Now you can locate/Find/Search your family tree verification center asking different field level officers, Seva Kendra, Gaon Burha and via the offcial center list below. You can check Your Family Tree Verification Center.

What type of Documents Required fot Family Tree Verification:

The NRC of 1951 and Electoral rolls upto 24 March 1971 and any admissible documents stipulated

Here is the List of such admissible documents to proof linkage with such persons


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