NRC Draft Correction: How to Correct Name in Draft NRC?

NRC Draft Correction: The complete draft of NRC in Assam was published on July 30, 2018. However, since then people have discovered numerous errors in the spellings of names, age, address details etc. in the draft NRC. So, you have to correct it before publishing the Final NRC. You can visit the Seva Kendras for correcting names and other errors that have appeared in the Draft NRC. You can also get the correction form from here. But now you can also submit the correction form online. Yes, you heard it right! NRC authority has started online procedure for filling correction form. Just head over to the website and fill up the form.

NRC Draft Correction Online

To correct errors, you need to visit NRC’s website, i.e. and fill the prescribed form and get the correction done. NRC authority has developed Unicode programming which helps the people to correct their names online. If you want your names typed in Assamese and Bengali scripts, then you can easily enter online. Meanwhile, those who want to correct errors in their names offline have to take forms from their respective Seva Kendras and then fill up and submit.

NRC Correction

Correction Method Both Online & Offline
Starting Date 2nd January 2019
Last Date 24th March 2019
Correction Portal
Official Website
Get Offline Form Get Here

How to Correct Name in NRC Draft at

In the NRC Draft Correction Portal, you will be able to make corrections of the spelling of the name of Applicant, Father, Mother, Spouse, and in other particulars viz. Age/ DOB (Date of Birth), Gender, Address (Permanent or Present) and Place of Birth.

Head over to the official site

OR go to the direct link

Procedure for Registration

You need to click on the “Register” tab

nrc correction

Enter your ARN and Captcha in textbox given and then click on the “Validate” button.

The portal will check the following conditions of the ARN

  • Whether the ARN is valid or not
  • Whether any of the members is present in Complete Draft or not
  • Whether the ARN is already registered or not

If all the above conditions are fulfilled, then the portal will check whether any LDC is present in the ARN or not, and if present then it will ask to enter an LDC (Legacy Data Code).

Enter any of the valid LDC used during Application submission and then click on the “Validate” button.

The portal will check whether the LDC entered is actually used in the Application Form for the said ARN and allow to proceed on to the next screen only if the LDC is found to be so used. In case, the LDC entered is not amongst any of the valid LDCs used in the original Application Form, a message will appear like this “ARN – LDC mapping is not valid.

If the LDC entered is found to be in order, the following screen appears.

nrc draft correctionThe combination of Mobile Number entered during registration and the Password entered will be the Login Credentials to be used subsequently to enter the portal and carry out any corrections/ modifications.

After filling in all information, click on the Generate OTP button.

An OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to the Mobile Number through an SMS.

This OTP will be essential to complete the Registration process. OTP is used is to verify that the person using the portal is actually using the same Mobile Number.

The said Mobile Number will thereafter be referred to as the Registered Mobile Number (RMN) for NRC Draft Name Correction Portal.

After successful registration, proceed for Login.

Login at

A user has to login to the Application with the Credentials created during registration.

nrc correction

After a successful Login >> Click on the “Proceed” button.

The following window appears displaying the list of members whose names have appeared in the NRC Complete Draft.


For any corrections in English or Vernacular, click on “Need to Change” button present against each member. Please note that
one user can make the corrections against one or more than one member.

After carrying out all the required corrections/ modifications, the portal will ask for confirmation by asking to select the “Submit” button for that member.

After clicking the “Submit” button, Click on the “Confirm” button to submit the changes made.

Click on “Yes” button to continue in the same page or click on No button to go to the previous page.

Carry out the corrections/ modifications for all the members for whom such corrections/ modifications are required as shown in the
steps above.

On completion of corrections/ modifications for all members, click on the “Receipt Generation” button. “Receipt Generation” is equivalent to final submission of corrections/ modifications made. Before “Receipt Generation”, however, the User can still review and change the corrections/ modifications made against the members. On clicking “Receipt Generation” button, the data will be displayed in both English and Vernacular languages.


A red text flag “Updated” will be displayed against members/fields where corrections/ modifications are made (as shown in the screenshot


After receipt generation (final submission), no further changes will be allowed. Such changes will not be allowed even through an offline/manual request submitted at NSKs through Correction Forms. It also needs to be noted that no further changes will be allowed also for any other member of that ARN for which no corrections/ modifications have been submitted. As such, the entire ARN will be disabled for any further corrections/ modifications. Users, therefore, need to be careful before clicking the “Submit” button.

Finally, click on the submit button to complete NRC Draft Correction process.

Important Note

  • All corrections are to be made as per information submitted in the original Application Form by the applicant.
  • Changes that might have occurred in the status of applicants since 2015 such as in marital status, age, present address etc. will not be changed by way of Correction Form submission.
  • This is to be noted that correction will be made only if there is any data entry error in digitizing the Application Form submitted in May-August 2015.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I register in the name correction portal?

  • Please click on the User Manual on the home page of the NRC Correction portal i.e for details on “how to register”.

Can I use my mobile number to register multiple ARNs?

  • No. One number can be used to register only one ARN. Once registered, the mobile number will be referred to as the Registered Mobile Number (RMN). One RMN – One ARN, One ARN – One RMN.

Can I register using the ARN only?

  • Yes. But in case you have used a Legacy Data Code (LDC) in your Application Form, the LDC is essential for registration.

Can I use a different mobile number for registration, other than the one provided in NRC Application Form?

  • Yes, you can use a different mobile number for registration in the portal. However, post the registration process that particular number cannot be used for registering with any other ARN. One RMN – One ARN, One ARN – One RMN. Further, that registered number will be referred to as the Registered Mobile Number (RMN).

I have entered my ARN, but it is showing invalid. What do I do?

  • Please re-check your ARN again. The ARN is a 21 digit number mentioned in the Acknowledgement Receipt. Further, please remember that Correction can be made using this portal only if your name was included in the Complete Draft NRC. If not included then you will not be able to use this portal. You can check your status in Complete Draft by checking the NRC Draft Portal.

Can I do the corrections through a mobile or tablet?

  • NRC Draft Name Correction Portal will work only though desktops/ laptops. It will not work through Mobile Phones/ Tablets. Even if one opens the portal through Mobile Phones/ Tablets, the Portal may open but the particulars, especially in vernacular languages may not appear correctly – it is advisable, therefore, not to try and operate the portal through Mobile Phones/ Tablets.

Can I register my ARN multiple times?

  • No. One ARN can be registered only once.

What to do if I am unable to register/ login?

  • Inform NRC official at 15107 or 1800-345-3762 in case of any problems or assistance in typing or on noticing any mischief, for example, inability to register for your ARN or any information about misuse.

I am unable to type to register for my ARN. What should I do?

  • Inform NRC Official at 15107 or 1800-345-3762 in case of any problems or you need assistance in typing.

I made some mistakes while submitting the Application Form in 2015. Can I provide the correct information now in the correction portal?

  • An applicant cannot make any new changes even if mistakes were made in the Application Form. Corrections/ modifications can be carried out only in the case where the particulars appearing in the NRC Draft do not match with the particulars as submitted by the applicant in the Application Form. No new additional changes can be done.

My contact number provided during the time of application has changed to a different number. And I don’t have access to the previous number. Can I update it in the correction portal?

  • Yes, mobile numbers can be updated. Further, the Mobile Number need not be the same as the Registered Mobile Number (RMN).

We have moved to a different location since 2015. Can I update my address in the correction portal?

  • You can’t change the present or permanent address from the one given in the NRC Application Form. Only if there is a spelling etc. error in the given addresses that change can be made. However, if the present address has changed, then you can give your current address for any communication at the time of registration under “Correspondence Address” section.

I got married recently. Can I update my marital status now in the correction portal?

  • No, marital status cannot be changed. The marital status has to match with the particulars in
    the original Application Form.

I mistakenly marked my gender as ‘Female’, instead of marking ‘Male’ during the time of form submission. Can I correct it now?

  • No. The gender has to match with the particulars in the original Application Form.

Can I make corrections for all the members of my family?

  • Yes, but provided they are included in the Complete Draft NRC.

Do I need to make all the changes at one session?

  • No, you do not need to make all the changes in one session. You can save the changes you have made till the time you submit finally at the time of “Receipt Generation”. The saving can be made by clicking on the “Submit” button for every individual family member.

I need to make some edits to the correction I have done in the portal. Can I edit it again?

  • Yes, you can edit before final submission at the time of “Receipt Generation”. But after receipt generation, no further changes will be allowed. So, be cautious.

I forgot to make corrections for one of my family members, but I have already clicked on final submission. Do I need to submit changes in the manual correction form to my designated NSK? Also,  while submitting the manual correction form, do I need to provide the correction for each of the members again?

  • No. After receipt generation, no further changes will be allowed either online or offline for any member of that ARN.

If I submit the correction online, do I need to submit it via the manual correction form again?

  • No. Online correction is equivalent to offline correction. In case any contradiction is noticed between the particulars submitted online and those particulars submitted offline by manual submission of Correction Format at the designated NSK, preference will be given to the particulars submitted online.

I have submitted the correction both online and via a manual process. Which will be taken in consideration?

  • In such cases, online corrections will be given preference.

During submission of NRC Application Form, I forgot to attach my photo. Can I upload it now?

  • Yes, you can upload your photo in the correction portal, if no photo was provided during the application process. However, if you have submitted a photo already, you cannot replace it, you can only inform by clicking on the ‘Need to change’ checkbox.

The photo in my form as shown in the portal is incorrect. But I cannot replace it. What do I do?

  • You cannot upload any photo or replace any photo. However, you can indicate your problem by clicking on the box “Need to change” beside the photo. This can be done if the photo is incorrect or it got mixed up with other members of your family. The correction procedure, in this case, will be taken up separately.

A member/ few of the members displayed against my ARN in the portal is not part of my family. What
do I do?

  • If any person is wrongly admitted to your ARN, click on any of the member’s information, then go to the ‘mixing of families’ section. You can select the member who is not part of your ARN in this section, to notify us about the same. If more than one member is wrongly admitted to your ARN, then click on the ‘control’ key in your keyboard, and simultaneously select the multiple members that are not part of your ARN.

All my family members featured in the Complete Draft NRC. But the correction portal is not showing all of my members. What do I do now?

  • Contact your designated NRC Seva Kendra (NSK) or call our Toll free NRC helpline number 15107 (within Assam) or 1800-345-3762 (from outside Assam).

In the name correction portal, can I make changes for those members who have not appeared in the Complete Draft NRC?

  • As of now, no changes can be made for those members whose name did not appear in the
    Complete Draft NRC.

The photo I submitted in the year 2015 does not match with my appearance now. Can I upload a recent photo?

  • No.

Will the portal allows me to make changes only in Assamese?

  • Changes can be made in either English or any of the other vernacular languages viz. Assamese, Bengali, Bodo.

I logged out of the portal before I finished making changes to one of the member information. Can I resume from where I left off when I log in again?

  • Yes, you can resume from wherever your session expired provided you saved the changes by clicking on submit for individual members.

Can I cut copy paste during an online correction?

  • No, the cut copy paste function will not work during the online correction process.

How do I keep a record of the corrections/ modifications made by me in the portal?

  • A red text flag “Updated” will be displayed against members/fields where corrections/ modifications are made. This display will appear just before final submission of such changes i.e just before you click the “Submit” button after ticking the checkbox “I confirm the above changes”. You may like to keep the screenshot of this display of the changes made for future reference as the details of the
    corrections made will not be given in the Receipt generated after final submission.

I have submitted my correction and generated a receipt. Will the correction be automatically updated
in NRC draft?

  • Changes made by you in the correction portal is subject to verification of successful matching with the particulars given in the original Application Form which will be taken up at your NSK. After final submission, the portal will generate a receipt – You need to keep that for future reference.

How long do I need to wait for the corrections results after submitting the correction online?

  • Please note that there will not be any publication of these changes until the publication of Final NRC. Please note that this process may take a few months. The Draft Portal will continue to display the particulars in the same manner as before the corrections/ modifications were made.

How will I know if the corrections done by me have been accepted?

  • On acceptance, an SMS will be sent on the successful matching of the corrections/ modifications with the particulars in the original Application Form.

I found out that someone else misused my ARN in the correction portal. What can I do about it?

  • It needs to be noted that criminal action will be taken against those persons who try to make any corrections/ modifications of any persons/ ARN without authorization from users of that ARN. If any person finds that his/her ARN is already registered or submitted by someone else without consent, then such incidences should immediately be reported to the NRC Call Centre /Toll-free helpline number 15107 (within Assam) or 1800-345-3762 (from outside Assam) to the designated NSK. The address of the registered person entered during registration will be used as an updated correspondence address.

How many SMS will I receive from the NRC Draft Correction Portal?

  • You will receive 3 (three) SMS from the correction portal

1. OTP (One Time Password) – this SMS will be sent during registration.

2. Submission of corrections/ modifications – this SMS will be sent immediately on submission of the corrections/ modifications in particulars.

3. Acceptance – this SMS will be sent on the successful matching of the corrections/ modifications with the particulars in the original Application Form.

What is the last date of online correction?

  • The last date of submission of online correction is extended to 24th March 2019.

This was all about Online NRC Draft Correction process. If you have any question regarding correction in Draft then you can ask via our comment section. We will try to help you. If you find this article helpful then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family members.


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