What is DMIT2 Verification Hearing? Know What to Do?

NRC in Assam is being updated under the guidance of the Registrar General of India who functions as the Registrar General of Citizen Registration under Rule 15 of Citizenship Rules, 2003 as amended in 2009 and 2010 and guided by the supreme court of India but its implementation is done through state government of Assam. In the process of NRC update, there are several verification and hearing steps. After the publication of first part draft in the expiry of midnight 31st December 2017, the remaining applicants hearing such as Family Tree Hearing, Gaon Panchayat/Lot Mondal/ Circle Officers certificate hearing is being done through its different NRC Seva Kendra. Today we are going to explain to you what is DMIT2 Hearing, which many applicants are seeking help, actually what is that?

What is NRC Assam DMIT2 Hearing?

You might see in NRC Assam Hearing notice checking portal nrcassamhearing.in a new kind of hearing as DMIT2 as the type of hearing, which contain as a name of the venue, date, time, circle District of hearing. So what is it? Keep reading below/scroll down to know more.

DMIT2 is a re-verification by District Magistrate where IO means Investigating officer and SVO is special verification officer.

You will receive a notice of hearing by Seva Kendra or might not receive, but know that as per DMIT2 hearing notice from official, it a notice which you should give some clarification where you have submitted your proof of documents when you have applied for NRC application. The clarification is done as per the rule of The Citizenship Act, 1955, and The Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and Issue of National Identity cards) Rules, 2003. We have attached a sample of DMTI2 hearing.

DMIT2 Hearing

So, no need to worry, kindly go to the hearing center and give clarification of the documents you have provided. Due to some doubts, the officials may ask some questions to a clear decision in the inclusion of your name in NRC. Office Of The State Coordinator, NRC Assam has requested all the people to have cooperation with them for fair NRC in Assam. So please be patient while we get an error-free NRC in Assam.

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