List of Documents that Can be Used to Claim for Inclusion in NRC

The Supreme Court ordered that the process of filing claims and objections for inclusion in National Register of Citizens (NRC) by around 40 lakh people who were left out in the draft NRC of Assam will begin on Sept 25. The process will remain open, tentatively, for a period of 60 days effective from 25th September 2018 up to 23rd November 2018 31st December 2018. You can download claim & objection form here. Also, you should know the reason of non-inclusion in the draft list before filling up a claim form. Here we have added a list of documents that can be used to claim for inclusion in NRC.

NRC Claim Documents

A Claim can be submitted for reconsideration of eligibility based on documents already submitted, or it can be submitted with additional List A or List B documents. There is no need to re-submit the documents submitted earlier. If an additional List A document is submitted, such document will have to be any one or more of the following ten (10) documents.

10 Documents that Can be Used to Claim for inclusion in NRC

  1. Land documents like Registered Sale Deed, Records of land rights up to 24th March, 1971 (midnight)
  2. Permanent Residential Certificate issued from outside the State upto 24th March, 1971 (midnight)
  3. Passport issued by the Government of India up to 24th March, 1971 (midnight)
  4. Life Insurance Corporation of India Insurance Policy (LICI) of relevant period upto 24th March, 1971 (midnight)
  5. Any license/certificate issued by any Government authority of relevant period, i.e. upto 24th March, 1971 (midnight)
  6. Document showing service/employment under Government/Public Sector undertaking upto 24th March, 1971 (midnight)
  7. Bank/Post Office Accounts of relevant period, i.e. up to 24th March, 1971 (midnight)
  8. Birth Certificates issued by the competent authority up to 24th March, 1971 (midnight)
  9. Educational certificate issued by Board/Universities up to 24th March, 1971 (midnight)
  10. Records/processes pertaining to court up to 24th March, 1971 (midnight) provided they are part of a processing in a Judicial or Revenue Court.

Big Update 03 November: Earlier only 10 documents as listed above were accepted for filing claims. But now the apex court has directed to allow the following 5 documents as additional List A document. So all of 15 List A  document as Submitted Earlier shall be accepted for filing claims.

  1. NRC, 1951
  2. Electoral Roll up to 24″ March (midnight), 1971
  3. Citizenship Certificate
  4. Refugee Registration Certificate
  5. Ration Card

Important Note

  • The applicant will not be allowed to change Legacy Person in the Claim Form from the one originally submitted in the NRC Application Form in 2015 under Q 9a or Q 10a or Q 11a or under Q12.
  • No fresh Family Tree is to be submitted by the claimant.
  • On submission of a Claim or Objection, the person will be provided by the NRC authorities an acknowledgement receipt and a summary of documents submitted.


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