The documents namely 1951 NRC (National Register of Citizens) and Electoral Rolls upto midnight of 24th March 1971 are collectively called as the Legacy Data. Legacy data 1951, 1966, 1951 are the documents by which you can proof linkage of names for claiming your name in NRC for the state of Assam. Also, anyone can provide himself/herself or his/her ancestors prior to midnight of 24th March 1971 for inclusion in NRC by providing such legacy data.

legacy data

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Legacy Data

How to Search Legacy Date?

Ans: Visit to search legacy data

Does legacy data copy of 1971 is sufficient to include names in NRC?

Ans: Yes

I have Electoral rolls of 1966, but do not have any record of 1951 NRC, can I claim for proof of citizenship on the basis of 1966 ER (Electoral Roll)?

Ans: Yes.

What are the other admissible documents to establish linkage with the Legacy data/parents?

Ans: Below is the list of other documents of List issued before midnight of 24th March 1971 where the name of self or ancestor* appears (to prove residence in Assam up to midnight of 24th March 1971).

How to Obtain Such Legacy Data?

Ans: The documents should you have on your own. In case you have lost or misplaced the same, then may you go the office from where the documents were issued to you.

Should I Submit all of the Legacy Documents/Admissible Documents?

Ans: It not necessary to submit all of the listed documents mentioned there. You are required any one of the listed documents.It can be 1951 NRC, 1966 ER, 1971 ER or any of the 12 other admissible documents.

Is Gaon Panchayat Certificate is mandatory for every woman for inclusion in NRC?

Ans: No.Gaon Panchayat(GP) Certificate is not mandatory for each woman. It is an extra option available for married women for proof her linkage with ancestors in absence of any other legally acceptable documents, which contains her name and her ancestor’s name together.

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