Fresh NRC Application: Frequently Asked Questions

Fresh NRC Application: All you might know that the claims, objections & correction application for the National Register of Citizenship (NRC Assam, India) will be received from the applicants who have submitted their applications till the last date of August 31, 2015 to prove the Indian Citizenship, but excluded from the Final Draft of NRC said by NRC Assam State Co-Ordinator. But what will happen to the people who haven’t submitted their applications due to various reasons and couldn’t process their application or kept unsubmitted within their hand? Well till now no decision has been made so far, please keep reading the full article below.

fresh nrc application form

Fresh NRC Application Form Details

I did not Submit NRC Application in 2015, Can I Apply Now?

If you didn’t apply your NRC Application back in 2015, then you can’t apply for name inclusion in between August 30 & September 28, 2018, the National Register of Citizens official told the Media. That means you can’t submit Fresh NRC Application during the claims & objections phase. A decision will be taken according to the directive of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India after the publication of Final NRC.

When will Start Fresh NRC Apply Process Again?

Only the Supreme Court will take a decision on whether NRC application will start or not. And if it starts, then only Supreme Court will declare the release date for Fresh NRC Application form and the formalities. Means, currently NRC official has no answer for the question. As the whole process of NRC updation is being done by the supervision of Supreme Court of India, NRC authority only executes the directions, i.e. Date for the Final Draft Publication, Verification etc. given by the Apex Court. So NRC will follow the rules and directions given by the Supreme Court.

The Persons who can’t Claim in Claims & Objections Phase

If a child is born after 31st August 2015, then the claims can’t be done at this stage in between 30th August to 28th September 2018.

If you have not submitted NRC Assam application Form until 31 August 2015, then you can’t submit claim for inclusion in Final NRC.

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Final NRC

The Final NRC will contain the names of legal Citizens of Assam, India who have submitted their application to include the name in NRC till the last date of August 31, 2015. However, you have to submit claim for inclusion in Final NRC with admissible documents if your name is not included in the complete draft NRC. If any applicant died after the submission of application, then his name also be included in the Final NRC if found eligible. You probably might know that the Final NRC will be published only after disposal of all claims, objections, and corrections, and the Supreme Court will fix the date for its publication.


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