How to Fill Up NRC Correction, Claim & Objection Form?

The Complete Draft NRC consisting of names of all eligible applicants published on 30th July 2018. The NRC authority has already said that this is not the Final NRC. So, no need to worry if your name does not appear in the complete publication of Draft NRC. You will get another opportunity to prove your eligibility for inclusion in the Final NRC. For that, you have to submit your Claim in the prescribed format. Not only that, if someone has an objection of inclusion of an ineligible person in the NRC Updated Draft there is also a provision to submit Objection towards any ineligible name included in the Draft NRC. Corrections such as name spelling mistakes, age and address details etc. are can be corrected by submitting NRC Correction form in a prescribed format. There will be a separate form for each of the NRC Claim, Objection and Correction application. So in this article, we are discussing how you can fill up NRC Correction, Claims & Objections Forms via offline and online.

nrc correction claims objections

Who can Submit Correction, Claims & Objections Application?

The NRC Correction application can be submitted by the applicants published in the updated draft NRC for the correction of names, age, address, etc.

The NRC Claim can be submitted by only those applicants who submitted their NRC Application form until 31st August 2015.

And the NRC Objection application can be submitted to any person who has noticed any ineligible person included in the Complete Draft NRC.

NRC Correction, Claim & Objection Form

The NRC Forms are now available at the NSKs as well as online through official website i.e You can also download the form easily from the below table and take a print out of it if you need.

CorrectionGet Here
ClaimGet Here
ObjectionGet Here

Forms in Assamese & Bengali, Get Here

 Latest Update: The NRC authority has started the online NRC draft correction process from January 2, 2019 (10 AM). Visit here to Correct Name Online OR

Forms Submission Date

The Claims, Objections and Corrections form will be received at the NRC Seva Kendra in the prescribed form where you had previously submitted your NRC Application. Apex court has fixed December 31 as the last date to submit claims and objections.

Where to Submit the Application Forms?

Now after filling up the forms, you can submit only at the NRC Seva Kendra (NSKs) where you had earlier submitted your Application form originally. Note that though you have changed your current address, applicants must have submitted their forms at the NRC Kendra Only where the original form was submitted. The objection application should be submitted against the person covering the residence of the person. The Claim and Objection are required to submit to the Local register of citizen registration( LRCR) via NSKs.

How to Fill Up NRC Claim Form?

Before filling up the form, you have to submit an application to the LRCR at the designated NSK asking for the reason of non-inclusion of the name in the Complete Draft NRC so that you can provide the required documents along with the claim form.

General Instruction for filling up Claim Form:

  • The Claim form can be submitted by the both Head of the Family(HOF) and any members of the family with valid ARN details and particulars for whom claim filed.
  • The NRC Claim form can be submitted at the NSK where applicants had submitted their NRC Application for name inclusion.
  • No matter whether you have changed your address or not, Claim can be submitted at the NSKs where the NRC Application was submitted originally.
  • In case of institutional homes such as orphanages, old age homes, asylums etc, the responsibility of filing claims with requisite details of the inmates shall lie with the head of the institutions.
  • Only those applicants who had applied with a Valid ARN during May-August 2015 for inclusion in NRC but whose names were not included in Complete Draft NRC are eligible to file claims.
  • The Fresh NRC Application for those who didn’t apply in 2015 including children born after submission can’t apply during the Claim phase.
  • The Claim Form is to be filled using BLACK BALLPOINT PEN only.

How to Fill Up NRC Correction Form?

  • The NRC Corrections form can be submitted by both offline and online method (Currently Online Method is Not Live)
  • Firstly you have to download the correction form & take a print out of it
  • Now write your ARN carefully on the given “ARN Box.”
  • In the “Manner in which data displayed in Draft” column write your name/ age/ address etc. as displayed on the draft list
  • In “Correction Data” Column write your correct name/ age/ address etc
  • Now in the “Check Box” Column check the box where required
  • Fill Up the other necessary details.
  • Now Signature or give a thumb impression on the form to declare that all the information provided in the application is true to the best of your knowledge and belief.
  • That’s it; submit the form at the NSK.

How to Fill Up NRC Objection Form?

  • Take a printout of the objection form if you have downloaded it online or get the form by visiting nearest NSKs
  • You can file an objection to the inclusion of the person whose name appears in the draft NRC
  • You have to write his/her ARN & Name in the form
  • Also, write reasons for objection and evidence (if any)
  • Now Submit the form to the Local register of citizen registration via NSKs.
  • Please note providing any false information would attract penalties under The Citizenship Act, 1955.

What to Submit with the NRC Claims or Objections?

The NRC Claim application can be submitted with the additional documents for the reason of the non-inclusion in NRC or with the Same documents. The objection will require sufficient grounds for objection.


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