NRC Assam Hearing: Know Date, Location for Hearing Online

NRC Assam Hearing: After the first part draft result published in the expiry of 31st December 2017, names of the many applicants were not published. There is almost 1.39 crore out of 3.8 crore people from 68 lakh families documents were verified and published in the Part Draft. The remaining applicants’ names were not published in the draft updated NRC, because this was due to un-verified documents of some of the family members, or the whole family members are some mismatched in the data provided by them.

But from now you can check online for your NRC applications if there is any hearing or verification is required using ARN Number. By this, you can check there if either Family Tree hearing or Gaon Panchayat/Lot Mandal/Circle Officer Hearing is required against your ARN. We are going to explain the method to check your NRC application status for pending verification below.

nrc assam

Update February 2019: NRC Official has requested to all the claimants to attend the hearing on the given date and time at the allotted venue. If you have claimed for inclusion in Final NRC, then you can check details of the time, date and venue of your hearing online through portal.

Update July 2018: The facility to check hearing details at the website is now postponed due to the publication of complete draft NRC. Currently, the Same website has been used to publish Draft NRC. You can check the NRC Draft by visiting Here.

How to Check if My NRC is required for Verification/ Hearing:

If you want to know how to check NRC Assam Hearing Process to check online verification Date, Time and Location then keep reading the article for step by step guide.

  • Goto the official website
  • Now, this screen will appear.

check nrc hearing verification

  • Enter your ARN (Application Receipt Number) and Captcha Image.
  • Click on Submit and soon, you will see if any verification is required for you.

Note: Whether you receive Letter of Information from NSK or online hearing notice, you can go to the hearing center.

Kindly Note, if you are getting, “NO RECORD FOUND” while checking for Family Tree Hearing or Gaon Panchayat/Lot Mandal/Circle Officer Verification against your ARN on the online portal, then try searching via a different web browser or in incognito mode.

nrc verification status

This online portal to check your ARN based application status against your 21 digit ARN number will enable you to know the kind of verification that is currently applicable to your NRC Application Form.

Know Date, Time, Location, and other Details for NRC Hearing

Previously many applicants complaining that their letter of information was not received on time or the day before verification which causes troubles for applicants for a long journey. To overcome this problem Assam NRC and  Government made this online portal for the seamless user experience and for a fair NRC.

The all details regarding the hearing that includes – Date, Time and Venue are also made available in this facility as previously mentioned in the Letter of Information(LOI). The call letter for NRC verification will be also sent to the house by house. In case you didn’t receive your Letter of Information for verification, you can check there.

My NRC Showing NOT APPLICABLE FOR, What does it Mean?

If your ARN is not under Family Tree or Gaon Panchayat/Lot Mandal/Circle Officer Verification, it will read as NOT APPLICABLE FOR YOUR ARN and will display as given below. If the date of hearing for your ARN is yet to be decided, it will read as TO BE SCHEDULED. If your IDs is not listed, means that your application does not require for family tree verification. Only those member IDs will be listed who require any of the stated verifications, said in an Official NRC Assam Facebook Tweet.

Arn Based Hearing Check

Important Note: If your ARN at online hearing portal shows “Not Applicable for your ARN” or “No Record Found“, But you have received a letter of information for hearing by BLO or any field level officers, kindly don’t assume that your application doesn’t require for verification.  Due to some technical problems the website may not enter your ARN if the hearing is required. So, if you receive such offline hearing letter but not on the website it is also required to go for hearing. The information provided on the net is for immediate information only to the applicants. The hearing call letter is being sent by offline also. Follow the offline letter instructions if received. Hope you understood all the steps on how to check your Verification Status if required.

NSK Based Verification by Deputy Commissioner for further inquiry and re-verification of documents

To ensure inclusion of genuine Indian citizens, certain applications may require further inquiry and re-verification by District Magistrates, (Deputy Commissioners) which will start from 4th May 2018. For more information read the full notice here.

NRC Assam requested the public for wholehearted cooperation to ensure all genuine Indian applicants and exclusion of all ineligible persons in NRC.

If you have any question regarding NRC Assam Hearing then post a query on, Official Facebook Page


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