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NRC Application Status Assam, verification NRC Update in Assam: The first draft of NRC Assam result is declared by Assam government on 1st Jan 2018 early morning. Some of you might think why my name is not there in the part publication of draft NRC. So, these are the Frequently Asked Question of NRC update until the Final list is published.

NRC Complete draft

NRC Verification & Important Public Announcement on NRC update in Assam.

The verification is still in progress and would be completed by This year. After the verification, the complete draft will be published on the official website in which all eligible people’s (who were left out in the first part draft)  name will be included. As per latest news, the publication of complete draft may happen in half of the year 2018 (Expected).

On the first NRC lists ( First part publication of Draft NRC) the legal citizenship lists will be published which has been verified the ARN number ( Application Receipt Number) upto 31st December 2017.

The rests of the applicants will be published after the verification of the applications. This will be the complete list of Part publication of Draft NRC. The date of availability of 2nd NRC lists will be announced separately.

If your name is not in the 1st NRC draft list, then no need to worry about. Because the verification process is still in the process and will be completed very soon. The NRC verification is being carried on the pure basis and neutrally so that each person who had been living since 1971, 24 March midnight will be included there.

The verification of every member of the family is being carried by the officers who had given the certificates and some others personal if necessary.

It is possible that some members of a family in the first published draft NRC list may not be included, this is due to the un-verified of the others members. Their name will be included in the Complete Publication of Draft NRC.

Also, in this case, their name will be published in the second NRC publication list.

It is also possible that no members of a family are published in the part publication of draft NRC, then their name also will be published in the complete publication of draft NRC.

Some persons taken documents from the officers of GaonPanchayat, Latmandal, Circle officers, the certificates or documents of such persons will be examined abide by the rule of Supreme Court of India. If they are meant to be true, then also their name will be included in the complete publication of Draft NRC.

The applicants can claim and submit their objections after the only publication of Complete part publication of Draft NRC.

After completing all the claims and objections of the applicants their name will be published the Final NRC list.

The name of the applicants whose name is not in the Final NRC, he can appeal to the Foreign Tribunals.

The development of NRC (Coordinator of National Registration) is being examined under the supervision of the Supreme Court directly and purely.

It was monitored that every Indian should not be excluded from the NRC lists and no others citizens be included in the NRC by the Central and State government, Chief Justice of India.

Below is the Official Public Notice of NRC Update in Assam:

NRC General Public Notice Annoucement

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NRC 24x7 Toll-Free Helpline & Complaint Registration Numbers

15107 (For Assam Only)

18003453762 (For Outside of Assam)

NRC Application Status

  • Goto any of the above official websites.
  • Visit Official Site:
  • You will see a banner “Part Draft NRC List is Now Active
  • Click on the banner
  • You will be redirected to a new page.
  • Now search your name using ARN.
  •  Keep Ready your ARN (Application Receipt No) ( Given by NRC Seva Kendra)
  • Put your ARN number and enter search button.

NRC name check

  • You will see details if your name was included in the Part publication of Draft NRC.
  • If you Get ARN Pending Verification notice, your Application is still unverified and soon verified by NRC Officials.

Now You can Check your NRC Application Status from Here.

Know More: What is meant by ARN Pending for Verification?

Please upto date with us to know the Next Publication of Complete Draft NRC update list.


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