What is NRC Assam?

The full form of NRC is National Register of Citizens. NRC is the register which contains details of all Indian citizens. It was prepared in 1951 after the conduct of the Census of that particular year. The Register included particulars of all the persons enumerated during that Census. Now NRC is being updated in Assam. It means the process of enlisting the names of those persons in NRC Assam list whose names appear in 1951 NRC and Electoral Rolls upto 24th March (midnight), 1971 or any of the admissible documents stipulated which would prove their presence in Assam or any part of India on or before 24th March 1971. The provisions governing NRC updation in Assam are The Citizenship Act, 1955, and The Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and Issue of National Identity cards) Rules, 2003. The modalities for NRC updation have been developed jointly by the Government of Assam and the Government of India.

NRC Result Updates

NRC Assam Update Time Schedule

Legacy Data Publication  

Completed: Started in February 2015 100%

Publication of all the pre-1971 Electoral Rolls and NRC 1951 as available on the internet, at NSKs and polling stations where the public can look up and search for linkages. (2500 NSKs are launched for this purpose from 27th March 2015).

Form Distribution  

Completed: Started in April 2015  100%

House to House form distribution and application form was started from April 2015.

Application Form Receipt Schedule  

Completed: Started From July 2015 100%

Receipt of filled up Applications Forms and supporting documents from the public and at the designated NSKs started upto 31st July-October 2015. Verification of Applicants for the inclusion of names in the NRC by Verification Team consisting of Govt. officials began from July-October 2015.

Publication of Part Draft NRC  

Completed: Published on January 1, 2018 100%

First draft publication of updated NRC was released on 1st January 2018. If your name is not included, that means the verification of your application is not completed before 31 December 2017. You have to wait for the release of the complete draft.

Complete Publication of Draft NRC  

Completed: Published on July 30, 2018 100%

The remaining NRC application verification program has started from 5th Jan 2018. Upon verification of the rest applicants & residents of Assam, the Complete Draft Result has been published.

Receipt and Disposal of Claims & Objections  Upcoming...

Form Distribution has started from 20th August 2018

Receipt and disposal of Claims & Objections on the draft NRC will begin from 10th August 2018. The forms will be available via both online & offline. After filling up the form, you have to submit at the NRC Seva Kendra from 30 August to 28th September 2018.

Publication of Final NRC  Upcoming...

Not Started

The 3rd list is the Final NRC which contains names of the all legal citizens residing in Assam. After scrutinizing the claims and objections,  the FINAL NRC RESULT will be published.

NRC Result Check Official Website

You can visit below mentioned official websites of NRC Assam in order to check result by entering your ARN Number.

  • www.nrcassam.nic.in
  • www.assam.mygov.in
  • www.assam.gov.in
  • homeandpolitical.assam.gov.in

Direct Links to Check Draft

We have added alternate links to search your name in the draft NRC. These URLs will help you to check names easily by just entering ARN.

  • www.draftnrcassam.com
  • www.draftnrcassam.in
  • www.nrcdrafts.com
  • www.draftnrc.com
  • www.assamnrcdraft.com

Check NRC Hearing Status

You can now check if your ARN required for Hearing for Family Tree and Special Verification . Also, know date, time and venue if required by ARN based Hearing Search. You just have to visit below website and enter your ARN in order to get hearing details.

Send SMS to Check Draft NRC

You can also check if your name is part of the complete draft of NRC via SMS Service.

  • Type ARN Space 21 Digit ARN and send it to 9765556555.
  • You can also send to these number 7899405444 or 7026321133 or 7026861122
  • You have to send SMS after 12 Noon on 30th July 2018
  • You will receive an SMS in reply about the status of inclusion of your name in Complete Draft.

Dial Toll Free Number

You can also call toll-free numbers to know your result

  • Call 15107 (from Assam)
  • Dial 18003453762 (outside Assam)

Legacy Data

The Legacy Data is the documents namely 1951 NRC (National Register of Citizens) and Electoral Rolls upto midnight of 24th March 1971. Legacy data are used to adduce the proof of residence in Assam in the mentioned period by which one can claim his/her name for inclusion in NRC updated for the state of Assam.

What is NRC Draft

There are two types of Draft; these are Part Draft and Complete Draft. The first part of draft updated NRC was published in the expiry of midnight 31st December 2017 which are available in all villages/ Gaon Panchayat/ Wards where NRC application form was issued and received. The Complete draft NRC shall be published by 30 July 2018 in which all eligible applicants names will be included. Public can view the NRC Draft via nrcassam.nic.in or in NSKs.

Different Types of Verification

NRC Updation is in Progress and coming through the different level of verification and hearing. Currently, NRC has conducted for the below types of verifications

  • Family Tree Mismatches which is currently ongoing
  • Gaon Panchayat Secretary Certificates and District Magistrate Verification starts from 2nd April 2018.
  • Persons for whom results of documents verification are awaited
  • Technical Holds.

NRC Assam Correction

Office of the State Coordinator, NRC Assam has Issued a General Public Notice regarding the draft publication of NRC. There was mentioned that correction, claims and objections should be received only after complete publication of draft NRC. The Final NRC will be published after the disposal of claims and objections. Thus any person whose name does not appear in the Complete Draft NRC may file claim application at Nearest Seva Kendra(NSK) where the application was submitted within a stipulated time. In that case, the claims and objections would be carried out by the Local register of Citizenship Registrar(LRCR) conducting a hearing. The Persons will be given notice of hearing filling their claim or objections.


The official website of NRC Assam is www.nrcassam.nic.in by Government of Assam, Office of the State Coordinator of NRC Assam. There you will find NRC Assam Updating Process, Legacy Data Details, NRC Draft List, Verification Process, Correction Procedure and more.


We have developed this website to give information on Publication of Draft NRC. We are no way affiliated with “NRC ASSAM” and not an official site of NRC. http://nrcassam.nic.in/ is the official website.
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